Summer Weeks 2017

Save the date for the kids' REAL holiday!

*holiday from their parents of course.

Ousby, Eden District, Cumbria

From July 31st to August 4th

Please get in touch with enquiries and suggestions, participants, volunteers and philanthropists.

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"Well done to all, my girls had such a fantastic week and enjoyed every minute, even the rain!" ~ Parent

What you and your kids can expect...

A day at Summer Weeks offers your child the chance to explore and challenge themselves, through creative arts, nature exploration, adventurous activities, cooking, craft, greenwood working and tool use. We organise the camp so that there are lots of fun activities to get involved in or if you just want to play games in a field with your new friends then we have staff ready to do that too! We have "good old fashioned" camp fires, eating together, tree swings, splashing in rivers and making new friends all happening here at Summer Weeks with specialist practitioners and trained volunteers that are always available to support a young persons development.We hope that everyone can have a great time just being outdoors for a week without the use of tablets, laptops and DS' for entertainment, if you would like your child to have a week outdoors away from a screen, getting mucky and making things with their imagination then Summer Weeks is definitely the place to be.

How we decide what, if anything, you need to pay for Summer Weeks...

Most of the places on each camp are means tested, this means you pay based on what you earn. The cost is £135 for fully waged, £110 for low waged and £47.50 for those in receipt of benefits. The other places per week, are fully funded. These places are awarded to our chosen at risk groups of the year, this year we are supporting Young carers, families supported by East Cumbria Family Support (or similar group), families with Asylum Seeker status and children we have supported in the past. Usually these people come via referral but if you feel like you fit these parameters please feel free to contact us with queries. Note; the prices are lower this year as we will not be providing food for the children.